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abaca accident abuse accountant accustomed acrophobia achieve actress achievement actually acoustics adaptable additive acquaintance adequate Advertisement Adhesive advisable adjustable administration aerodrome admirable aerosol afford adventurous aggressive agony allegiance agriculture airport aisle alligator allocate alloy almond aloud adverb alphabet altercation Ambition ambivalent altitude altogether amendments amnesia ambassador amphibian amphitheatre Amplify anniversary announcement analyse annoy ancestor anchor ancient antibiotic anticipate appalling anticipation appearance appendix appetite applause appoint aphid appreciate apostrophe apprentice architect apprenticeship argument approve array apron artichoke aptitude articulate aquatic assault asthma astonish assignment astronaut assist asylum associate attic assortment attractive assurance authenticate author authoritative authority autograph autumn abase abbess abbey abbot abdicate abdomen abdominal abduction abed abhorrence abhorrent abidance abject abjure ablution abnegate abnormal abominable abominate abomination aboriginal aborigines aboveboard abrade abrasion abridge abridgment abrogate abrupt abscess abscission abscond absence absent-minded absolution absolve absorb absorption abstain abstemious abstinence abstruse absurd abundant abusive abut abyss academic accelerate accept access accessible accession accessory acclaim accommodate accompaniment accompanist accompany accomplice accomplish accordion accost account accouter accredit accumulate accuracy accurate accursed accusation accusatory accustom acerbity Sourness acetate acetic ache Achillean achromatic acid acidify acknowledge acknowledgment acme acoustic acquaint acquiesce acquiescence acquire acquisition acquit acquittal acquittance acreage acrid acrimonious acrimony actionable actuality actuary actuate acumen acute adamant

Word of the Day

English Word capacity
Meaning the amount that something can hold
Urdu Meaning وسعت