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iceberg illegal icicle illite identical illiteracy identification image idiom imagination idle imaginative ignorance immeasurable immediately imperfect immoral implausible implicit immortal impolite impress impatient impression impel improbable impenetrable improvise imperative impulse incident impure inclination inaccessible inclined inaccurate include inattentive incoherent inaudible inconsiderate incandescent inconsistent incentive incredible indemnify indiscreet independence indispensable independent indistinct index indium indicate indole indicator indifference industrious inedible infant inhabitant infinite inhale inflammable inoculate inflate insane influence insect influential insensitive information inseparable infrequent insistent infuriate instalment intercept instant interfere instruct international instrument interrupt insurance interview Intelligence intimidation intensify intrigue introduction invade irrigation invasion irritate invention isle investigation invigilate itinerary invisible irregular irrigate ichthyic ichthyology ichthyosaurs icily iciness icon iconoclast idealize idiom idiosyncrasy idolize ignoble ignominious Iliad illegal illegible illegitimate illiberal illicit illimitable illiterate ill-natured illogical illuminant illuminate illumine illusion illusive illusory imaginable imaginary imbroglio imbrue imitation imitator immaculate immaterial immature immeasurable immense immerse immersion immigrant immigrate imminence imminent immiscible immovable immune immutable impair impalpable impartial impassable impassible impassive impatience impeccable impecunious impede impel impend imperative imperceptible imperfectible imperil To endanger imperious impermissible impersonal impersonate impersuadable impertinence imperturbable impervious impetuosity impetuous impetus impiety impious implausible impliable implicate implicit imply impolitic importation importunate importune impotent impoverish impracticable impregnable impregnate impromptu improper impropriety improvident

Word of the Day

English Word Qualified acceptance
Urdu Meaning پابند منظوری ، مشروط قبولیت