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pace pamper pacify pamphlet packaging panda packet pandemonium paddock pantograph painstaking parachute palpate parade palsy paradox parasite paragraph paratrooper parakeet paratroops parallel parcel paralysis parenthesis paramount paraphernalia parliament paraphrase parrot parsley pasture partial patience participate pavilion particle peacefully passenger peacock passion pearl password peasant pastry peculiar pedestrian pentathlon penalise peppermint penalty percentage pendant perch pendulum percussion penguin perfectionist penicillin oun) perfume pension periscope permissible persuade perpendicular pessimist perplex pesticide perseverance petroleum Persian petunia persistent phantom personality pharmacy perspective phenomenon philanthropy piano philosopher piccolo phosphorus piece photograph pilgrimage photographer pillowcase photosynthesis pirouette physique plague planetarium policy plateau polite pleasant political pleasurable politician pledge pollination plight pollution plumber polythene plunge ponderous porcupine practical porpoise practise portable prawn possess precarious possession Precaution possessive predecessor posture prejudice pottery preliminary premiere Presumably premonition presume preoccupied presumptuous prescription previous preserve privileged pressure procedure prestige profession prestigious professional professor psychology publication promenade punctuation prominent punish prompt pygmy pronunciation pyramid proprietor python Playing Planetary aberration pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Perceptual ability Physical ability Potential ability Practical ability Physical absorption Parallelogram acceleration Positive acceleration Pitch accent Primary accent Partial acceptance Personal account Plant and machinery account Postage account Private account Profit and loss account Profit and loss adjustment account Profit and loss appropriation account Proforma account Partner's current accounts Partner's fixed capital accounts Partnership accounts Payable accounts Property accounts Published (Real accounts) Preventive action Political activity Puff or Death Adder Predicative adjective Personal adjustment Personality adjustment Poor adjustment Pupil adjustment Personal administration Personnel administration Pronominal adverb Point of purchase advertising Point of sale advertising Prestige advertising pyle Psychology of aesthetics Protective affection Positive after image Positive aftersensation Palaeanthropic age

Word of the Day

English Word diplomatist
Meaning One remarkable for tact and shrewd management.
Urdu Meaning سفیر