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fable fairy facies false familiarity factory family faculty famine fade famished faint famous fault fancy favourable fantasy favouritism farewell fearsome farther feast fascination feather fashionable feature fatigue federal federation Ferrite fellow fertilisation festival fence fennel fever ferment feverish fermium fiction fiddle fidgeting flattering fierce flaunt figure flavour finalist flea finance flicker fizzy floodlight flask flounder flour flourish forceful fluid foam forgiveness fowl fortnight frank fortress fortunately freak forty freeze fossil frequent fountain friendly frolic furniture fruit frustration fuel Fumble funeral fabricate fabulous facet facetious facial facile facilitate facility facsimile faction factious fallacious fallacy fallible fallow famish fanatic fancier fanciless fastidious fathom fatuous faulty faun fawn fealty feasible federate feint felicitate felicity felon felonious felony feminine fernery ferocious ferocity fervent fervid fervor festal festive fete fetus feudal feudalism fez fiasco fickle fictitious fidelity fiducial fief filibuster finale finality finally financial financier finery finesse finite fiscal fishmonger fissure fitful fixture flag-officer flagrant flamboyant flatulence flection fledgling flexible flimsy flippant floe flora floral florid florist fluctuate fluctuation fluent fluential flux foggy foible foist foliage folio folklore fondle foolery foot-note foppery foppish forbearance forby forcible forecourt forejudge forepeak foreshore forebode forecast forecastle foreclose forefather forego foreground forehead foreign foreigner foreknowledge foreman foreordain foreordination forerun

Word of the Day

English Word negotiable
Meaning able to be changed after being discussed
Urdu Meaning قابل فیصلہ، قابل گفت و شنید