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sabotage sanctity sacrifice sanctuary safari sandwich sapphire safeguard satire salary satisfaction saliva satisfactory salmon salute sausage savage saviour scarecrow scarlet scatter scene schedule scheme scholar Scholarship science scissors scorpion scramble scream screenplay screwdriver scriptures Seal seasoning secluded secretary secure sedimentary seldom semicircle sensation sensational sensitive sensitivity sentence sentiment separate separation sequence serious serpent settlement shallow shark sharpen sheer shelve shepherd sheriff shield shock shovel shrewd shrimp shrubbery sightseeing signature significance significant silencer silhouette simultaneously siren situation skeleton skilful Slave Sledgehammer smear smithereens snail sneeze soak soliloquy somersault sophisticated sorcerer sorrow sorrowful sour souvenir spaghetti specialist species specimen spectacular speedometer spider spinach spontaneous sprinkle squadron squid squirrel stallion stampede starfish statistics statue steak stimulating straighten stratification structure stupidity submarine subside substance substantial substitute subterranean successful sufficient surgeon suspense suspicion suspicious swift swordfish synagogue syrup systematic similarities successfully Spherical aberration Silent reading ability Spatial ability spoken Special ability Specific ability Sex abnormality Social abnormality Selective absorption Specific absorption Secondary accent Secondary Stress accent shift Special acceptance Supra protest acceptance Separable accident Salaries account Sales account Sales ledger control account Security deposit account Share premium account Sub-manufacturing account Suspense account Social achievement Social acquisitiveness Social action Social activity Social adaptation Satisfactory adjustment School adjustment Social adjustment Selective admission Superior adult Single adultery Seasonal advance Scientific adviser Soil conservation adviser Student adviser School leaving age Stone age Sales agent Sole agent Special agent Surveying agent Self-renewing aggregate Single agreement Scholarship aid School aid Special Education aid State aid Student aid Study aid

Word of the Day

English Word Qualified acceptance
Urdu Meaning پابند منظوری ، مشروط قبولیت