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macaroon magneto machinery magnificent magenta magnify maggot mahogany magician magistrate maintenance magma magnet maize majestic majesty manager majority mandarin malaria manicure malevolent manipulate malfunction mankind malignant manoeuvre mammoth mansion manageable manufacture marsupial manuscript marvellous marathon marzipan mare masculine margarine masquerade marionette massage marketable masterpiece marriage material materialise mechanic mathematics mechanical mature maximum medicated mayonnaise meditate meadow meditation meagre Mediterranean measles medium melodious mentality melodramatic merchandising melody mercury membrane merge memorandum merry memorial messenger memorise metaphor menace metaphysics meteor mineral metropolitan miniature microphone ministry microscope minority microscopic mischief microwave misconduct millennium miserable minefield mishap mismanagement moist misshapen moisture mission molecule mistletoe mollusc mobile momentum mobilise monarch moderate monarchy modernise mongrel monkey mosquito moth monopoly motive monotonous mountaineering monstrosity mountainous monument mule moose multicultural mosque muscle museum mussel mysterious mystify mystique mythical mythology macadamize machinery machinist macrocosm madden Madonna magician magisterial magistracy magnanimous magnate magnet magnetize magnificence magnificent magnitude maharaja maidenhood maintain maintenance maize makeup malady malaria malcontent malediction malefactor maleficent malevolence maleficent malevolence malevolent malign malignant malleable mallet maltreat man-trap mandate mandatory mane man-eater maneuver mania maniac manifesto manlike manliness mannerism manor mantel mantle manufacturer manumission manumit marine maritime maroon martial Martian martyrdom marvel masonry masquerade massacre massive masterpiece mastery material

Word of the Day

English Word Qualified acceptance
Urdu Meaning پابند منظوری ، مشروط قبولیت