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gadget garden gaily garlic gala garnet gallant garnish gasket gasoline garage gavial geography generate geology generation geometry generator Gesture generosity ghost genius gibberish gentleman ginger genuine giraffe gladiator glorify glamorous glorious glamour glossary glaze gnat glide gnome glimpse goldfish glitter goose glittering gooseberry Gorge gorilla grateful government gratify grace gratitude graduation gravitational grammar greedy grammatical greengrocer grandfather grey graphic grievance groceries grub guarantee guardian guitar gymnasium gymnastics gauge gaiety gaily gait gallant galore galvanic galvanism galvanize gamble gambol gamester gamut garnish garrison garrote garrulous gaseous gastric gastritis gastronomy gendarme genealogy genealogist generality generalize generally generate generic generosity genesis geniality genital genitive genteel gentile geology germane germinate gestation gesticulate gesture ghastly gibe giddy gigantic giver glacial glacier gladden glazier glimmer glimpse globose globular glorious glutinous gluttonous gnash Gordian knot gourmand gosling gossamer gourd graceless gradation gradient granary grandeur grandiloquent grandiose grantee grantor granular granulate granule grapple gratification gratify gratuitous gratuity gravity gregarious grenadier grief grievance grievous grimace grindstone grisly grotesque grotto ground guess guile guileless guinea guise gullible gumption gusto guy guzzle gynecocracy gynecology gyrate gyroscope Games General ability Grave accent General acceptance General charges account General ledger adjustment account Goodwill account Goods account Goods in transit account Goods sent on consignment account Group accounts God's acre General administration Guaranteed advances Gang age Glacial age Golden age Group age General agent Government aid Grant-in-aid

Word of the Day

English Word diplomatist
Meaning One remarkable for tact and shrewd management.
Urdu Meaning سفیر