Meaning of came in English

A leaden sash-bar or grooved strip for fastening panes in stained-glass windows.

Synonyms Abasers,Appear,Arrive,Attain,Become,Burst,Buzz,Enter,Flare,Get,Happen,Hit,Materialize,Move,Near,Occur,Originate,Reach,Show,Turn Up,Show Up,Check In,Drop In,Blow In,Bob Up,Breeze In,Clock In,Fall By,Fall In,Hit Town,Make It,Make The Scene,Turn Out,Get In,Be Accessible,Be At Disposal,Be Convenient,Be Handy,Be Obtainable,Be Ready,Close In,Draw Near,
Antonyms Conceal,Depart,Disappear,Discourage,Dissuade,Fail,Go,Hide,Leave,Lose,Miss,Recede,Retreat,Stop,

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