Meaning of captivate in English

To fascinate, as by excellence. eloquence, or beauty.

Synonyms Allure,Beguile,Bewitch,Charm,Dazzle,Delight,Draw,Enrapture,Enslave,Ensnare,Entertain,Enthrall,Entrance,Fascinate,Gratify,Grip,Hold,Hook,Hypnotize,Infatuate,Intrigue,Lure,Magnetize,Mesmerize,Please,Seduce,Spellbind,Take,Vamp,Wile,Win,Rope In,Make A Hit With,Enamour,Turn One On,
Antonyms Annoy,Bore,Depress,Disappoint,Disenchant,Disgust,Disillusion,Displease,Dissuade,Disturb,Fail,Forget,Free,Liberate,Lose,Offend,Pain,Refuse,Reject,Release,Repel,Repulse,Stop,Tire,Upset,Let Go,Turn Off,

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