Meaning of consign in English

To entrust.

Synonyms Address,Appoint,Assign,Authorize,Commission,Commit,Confide,Convey,Delegate,Deliver,Dispatch,Forward,Give,Issue,Relegate,Remit,Route,Send,Ship,Transfer,Transmit,Turn Over,Commend To,Deposit With,Put In Charge Of,
Antonyms Cease,Conceal,Hold,Keep,Maintain,Receive,Refrain,Reject,Retain,Stop,Suppress,Take,Withhold,

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Word of the Day

English Word indigenous
Meaning Native.
Synonyms Aboriginal,Autochthonous,Chthonic,Congenital,Connate,Domestic,Endemic,Inbred,Inherent,Inherited,Innate,Natural,Original,Primitive,Unacquired,
Antonyms Alien,Foreign,
Urdu Meaning دیسی