Meaning of deter in English

To frighten away.

Synonyms Avert,Block,Caution,Chill,Cool,Damp,Dampen,Daunt,Debar,Discourage,Dissuade,Divert,Forestall,Forfend,Frighten,Hinder,Impede,Intimidate,Obstruct,Obviate,Preclude,Restrain,Scare,Stop,Warn,Prevent,Prohibit,Rule Out,Shut Out,Stave Off,Turn Off,Put Off,Talk Out Of,Disadvise,Act Like A Wet Blanket,
Antonyms Advance,Aid,Allow,Assist,Calm,Comfort,Encourage,Facilitate,Forward,Hearten,Heat,Help,Incite,Inspirit,Instigate,Permit,Persuade,Stimulate,Support,Urge,Warm,Let Go,Promote,Push,Turn On,Put On To,

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