Meaning of elude in English

To evade the search or pursuit of by dexterity or artifice.

Synonyms Baffle,Bilk,Circumvent,Confound,Ditch,Dodge,Double,Duck,Eschew,Evade,Flee,Fly,Foil,Frustrate,Outrun,Outwit,Shirk,Shuck,Shun,Shy,Stall,Stonewall,Stump,Thwart,Cop Out,Get Around,Beat Around The Bush,Pass The Buck,Puzzle,Give The Slip,Give The Runaround,Be Beyond Someone,Get Away From,
Antonyms Abet,Aid,Assist,Attract,Clarify,Confront,Encounter,Encourage,Enlighten,Entice,Explain,Face,Help,Invite,Meet,Support,Take On,Clear Up,

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